Weekly Awesome: To do or not to do

Often times in Uganda, people have told me the many reasons as to why
they cannot prevent malaria. It is a common attitude and belief that
malaria is just a part of life here.  Recently, I had the opportunity
to explore these beliefs and attitudes on malaria by piloting a
barrier analysis. With the help of my community counterpart Maganda
Patrick, I am currently administering a Doer/Non Doer questionnaire at
my site.


As a health volunteer at a rural health center, I have seen
the year round prevalence of malaria. Most recently, I asked my
supervisor if she had any suggested topics for health education; in
which she emphasized malaria. Conducting the questionnaire at site has
given me a greater insight into malaria knowledge and attitudes in my
community. I have had many interesting conversations with people who
learned that I was administering the questionnaire. One interesting
comment was that the words for flu and malaria in my region are
interchangeable and therefore people fail to distinguish one from the


So far the most surprising finding for me was that the majority
of the participants are Doers and stated that they had slept under a
mosquito the night before, and do so for everyday of the week. This is
especially interesting considering that it is the dry season and that
people are unlikely to use a mosquito net due to the heat. In a recent
interview with a questionnaire participant who was a Doer, he
explained that he would not usually use a mosquito net in the dry
season. I am excited to share the findings with the staff of my health