Presenter Bios

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Stomping Out Malaria in Africa’s Boot Camp trainings are unlike any other in the Peace Corps. They bring volunteers, Peace Corps staff and administration, and malaria experts from around the globe into one classroom to give participants the most intensive and thorough two-week training possible. Below are some of our presenters with links to their powerpoint presentations (if applicable) from previous Boot Camps.

[raw] [cudazi_iconlist] [cudazi_iconlist_icon icon=’slide32.png’ heading=’Download Plasmodium Lifecycle Presentation’ text=” link=’’] [/cudazi_iconlist] [/raw]Dr. Dennis E. Kyle, PhD, Distinguished University Health Professor, Dr. Alexis LaCrue, PhD, Research Associate, University of South Florida[raw][cudazi_iconlist][cudazi_iconlist_icon icon=’slide32.png’ heading=’Download Malaria Sales Pitch Presentation’ text=” link=’’] [/cudazi_iconlist] [/raw]Fara Ndiaye, MA, Communications Officier, Speak Up Africa[raw] [cudazi_iconlist] [cudazi_iconlist_icon icon=’slide32.png’ heading=’Download Malaria Diagnosis Presentation’ text=” link=’′] [/cudazi_iconlist] [/raw]Dr. David Sullivan, MD, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
[raw] [cudazi_iconlist] [cudazi_iconlist_icon icon=’slide32.png’ heading=’Download Malaria in Pregnancy Presentation’ text=” link=’’] [/cudazi_iconlist] [/raw] Dr. Mary Hamel, MD, CDC Senior Malaria Advisor for the President’s Malaria Initiative

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Duncan Earle, Director of MACEPA
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Debbie Gueye, USAID/Senegal Resident Advisor, President’s Malaria Initiative

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Julie Thwing, USAID/Senegal Resident Advisor, President’s Malaria Initiative

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Dr. Matt Lynch, PhD, Malaria Program Director at Center for Communication Programs, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health