Malaria Month Map

[iframe src=”” height=”200″] [iframe src=”” height=”525″] The above map (open in new window) shows the Stomp Out Malaria countries (in red), and the combined point total of all the reported activities by all Volunteers in that country. Hover over a bubble to see the number of activities, people reached by those activities, and the ‘points’ for that country.

Background to Stomp Out Malaria Awareness Month

Through Stomp’s World Malaria Awareness Month competition, every country had the opportunity to demonstrate how their Volunteers are committed and creative in their mission to stomp out malaria.
Projects and project templates were elicited, arranged, and diffused across all Volunteers in all Stomp countries – ready to be acted upon in April.

Who was actually carrying out these activities?

Peace Corps Volunteers are U.S. citizens spending two years in their host country communities engaged in a number of social and development sectors. The map below (open in new window) shows how connected the communities of their home states and their host countries. Of course, while the lines point to state and country capitals – Volunteers are from all over the U.S., and are spread across all areas of their host countries.
[iframe src=”” height=”600″]

What do the “points” mean?

In order to make the activities more interesting and engaging, point values were assigned to various activities, and the Volunteers competed against other Stomp countries to out-do the activities of one another.
Throughout the month, Volunteers reported on all of their various activities and projects in real-time, fueling the competition among them, and helping to see where more work could be done throughout April.

What were the activities?

Below is just a sampling of the kinds of activities that Volunteers were engaged in during Malaria Awareness Month this year. Stay posted to see updated links to the various projects, writing, and updates from Volunteers in the field, and to see their immense impact!
[iframe src=”” height=”3500″]

This page was created as a proof-of-concept for the dynamic updating of Stomp Out Malaria projects in April – see more at the stomp-malaria-map Github page.