Stomping Out Malaria in Africa

PECADOM Plus Scales Up in Senegal

We are taking PECADOM Plus Africa wide!

PECADOM Plus Scales Up in Senegal

STOMP Hackathon in Ghana!

Stomping Out Malaria in Africa is an initiative of the United States Peace Corps

Our Mission is to join with our colleagues across Africa and around the world to bring an end to the scourge of Malaria.

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Stomp 2013

  • 1082 Volunteers
  • 1455 Communities
  • 222,000 Direct Beneficiaries
  • 233,000 Reached with Mass Media

The Weekly Awesome

  • Togo Weekly Awesome: Small Scale Net Distribution

    Even though a mass net distribution happened months before, when I came to Kaniamboua two years ago many families in my community didn’t have bed nets or didn’t have enough bed nets to cover all the sleeping spaces in their…Read …Read More »
  • Togo Weekly Awesome: Country Wide Bed Net Distribution

    Togo had a country wide bed net distribution in August and September to achieve 100% bed net coverage, defined as 1 net per 2 people in a household. About 25 Peace Corps volunteers participated in the distribution by attending and…Read …Read More »
  • Togo Weekly Awesome: What Can You Use Empty Cans For?

    Last month PCV Chelsea Clarke put some empty tin cans to good use. Chelsea lives in a small village in northern Togo. Though she is an environmental volunteer, she knows that malaria affects EVERYBODY and she wanted to do something…Read …Read More »