Stomping Out Malaria in Africa

PECADOM Plus Scales Up in Senegal

We are taking PECADOM Plus Africa wide!

PECADOM Plus Scales Up in Senegal

STOMP Hackathon in Ghana!

Stomping Out Malaria in Africa is an initiative of the United States Peace Corps

Our Mission is to join with our colleagues across Africa and around the world to bring an end to the scourge of Malaria.

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Stomp 2013

  • 1082 Volunteers
  • 1455 Communities
  • 222,000 Direct Beneficiaries
  • 233,000 Reached with Mass Media

The Weekly Awesome

  • Weekly Awesome Cameroon: Malaria Education During the Race of Hope

    On February 14, Erica Johnson (Agribusiness, third year extension) organized a mass HIV testing and education event at Race of Hope in Buea, Southwest region. To support the HIV event, Kate Mishkin, the Malaria Coordinator for Peace Corps Cameroon, organized five…Read …Read More »
  • Weekly Awesome Cameroon: Working with Catholic Relief Services to Reach OVCs

    Catholic Relief Services Cameroon is coordinating a multi-faceted project to target 19,000 orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) in the Adamawa, Northwest, East, and Center regions. The project will bring social, educational, and nutritional support to the participating OVCs. 14 Peace Corps volunteers plan to participate…Read …Read More »
  • Weekly Awesome Cameroon: Malaria Education During Regional Agriculture Fair

    Peace Corps was represented at the most recent Bamenda Annual Northwest Agricultural Fair. Jacob Moore (Agribusiness, 2012-2015) worked with several Volunteers including Mario Zuniga (Education, 2014-2016), Aya-Marie Hewlett (Agribusiness, 2013-2015),  Colin Korst (Agribusiness 2014-2016), and Elizabeth Doyle (Agribusiness, 2013-2015)  to educate…Read …Read More »